Elizabeth has been conducting clinics throughout the country and the world for over five years. Geared towards competitive swimmers ages 6-18 years, she provides hands on assistance to all swimmers to help improve technique, timing, and race strategy. She is in the water the entire time, ensuring that each swimmer walks away feeling more confident with his or her swimming abilities. Included in the clinic is an inspirational speech delivered to swimmers, coaches, and parents, which is followed by pictures and autographs. Every participant will have the chance to hold and wear Elizabeth’s two Olympic Medals.

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“The clinic with Elizabeth was an inspiration for my daughter and myself. I am so thankful that Beatrice (my daughter) got to have the experience. Elizabeth gave positive, relatable, and practical messages for swimmers of all ages and abilities.”

-Rachel Plum, Parent

“The messages that Elizabeth shared resonated with every swimmer and parent at her talk. During the water part of the clinic, kids were beaming when they each got a high five from her for being great. Elizabeth’s desire to connect to each and every swimmer and demonstrate drills that they all could understand was amazing.”

-Kathy Coffin-Sheard, Head Coach